Dr. Michael Babak Papah Publications
12014Air Breathing In Magadi Tilapia Alcolapia Grahami, Under Normoxic And Hyperoxic Conditions, And The Association With Sunlight And Reactive Oxygen Species
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22013Morphological Evaluation Of Spermatogenesis In Lake Magadi Tilapia (Alcolapia Grahami): A Fish Living On The Edge.
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32013Rh Proteins And NH4+ –activated Na+-ATPase In The Magadi Tilapia (Alcolapia Grahami), A 100% Ureotelic Teleost Fish.
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42013Lake Magadi Ecosystem: Current Research Trends And Future Perspectives
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52012The Structure Of The Male Reproductive Organs In Lake Magadi Tilapia (Alcolapia Grahami); A Fish Living On The Edge
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62012The Structure Of Male Reproductive Organs In Lake Magadi Tilapia (Alcolapia Grahami).
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72012Spermiogenesis And Sperm Ultrastructure In Lake Magadi Tilapia Alcolapia Grahami (Teleostei, Perciformes, Cichlidae).
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82012Characteristics Of Air Breathing In Lake Magadi Tilapia: Is There A Relationship With Diel Patterns In Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) In The Lake?
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92012The Magadi Tilapia- Coping With Extremity. .
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102012Transepithelial Potential In The Magadi Tilapia, A Fish Living In Extreme Alkalinity.
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112012Immunohistochemical Approach To Understanding Branchial Ion Regulation In The Tilapia Of Lake Magadi (pH10).
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122012Responses To Ammonia Loading In The Magadi Tilapia, A Completely Ureotelic Teleost Fish.
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