Patrick Mugo Muraguri

Dr. Muraguri

My name is Patrick Mugo Muraguri. I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Technology from the University of Nairobi in December 1980. The degree was 3 years and I was in a class of 20 students drawn from around Kenya. At the time the Department of Food Science & Technology was within the Faculty of Agriculture. From the outset, my desire was to work in a business environment involving food processing. I first worked as an industrial development officer in the Kenya government’s ministry of industry providing helpful advice for commercialisation of food processing opportunities around the country. I established my own small scale food processing company in 1985 called The Food Express Ltd and was manufacturing jam and marmalade using locally grown fruit. Other locally available inputs included the packaging materials. I wound up the business in 1993 when economic conditions changed drastically causing consumer purchasing power to be adversely affected and unable to afford certain categories of products intended for the middle income class.

For over 25 years since then I have been a small and medium enterprise improvement consultant and facilitator including in countries outside Kenya. I performed the role in Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and in Australia, where I am now based. I intend to return home to Kenya to contribute significantly in the development of enterprises and the economy. I will be applying a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience that I have accumulated while working overseas.

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