Dr. Thuita Thenya

Dr. Thuita Thenya
List Position

Dr. Thenya participated in the development of the WMI’s strategic plan 2010-2020, curriculum development for the Ph.D. in Environmental Governance and Management and MSc. in Environmental Governance. Dr. Thenya was instrumental in the development and coordination of the Stabilizing Kenya through solving forest related conflicts (STAKE Project) activities. Through the project, Dr. Thenya also oversaw the recruitment and support of research work for about 15 students. Dr. Thenya has dedicatedly supported the WMI programmes through teaching, supervision, curriculum review and coordination of the Sustainable Land Use and Management (SLUSE) experiential learning programme to date. He continues to play important role and contributions towards forging and engagement of the WMI partners including the Green Belt Movement, Kenya Forest Research Institute University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Thenya’s support towards WMI has contributed immensely in the growth of WMI.