University of Nairobi Leadership Convenes in Mombasa for Strategic Retreat

On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, In an effort to enhance collaboration between different organs and units of the university,  the top management of the University of Nairobi, led by Council Chair Prof. Amukowa Anangwe, has gathered in Mombasa for a three-day induction retreat. The primary objective of this session is to offer a comprehensive understanding of the university's operations and to encourage a collective approach to addressing challenges. Prof. Anangwe emphasized the importance of evaluating the strategies devised by the management to tackle the university's pain points.

The retreat aims not only to strengthen internal cohesion but also to establish the groundwork for strategic decisions that will propel the University of Nairobi to greater heights. Additionally, during their time in Mombasa, council members, heads of divisions, and departments took a break from the induction session to participate in a tree planting exercise at the University's Moana Marine Research Centre in observance of the National Tree Planting Day on November 13, 2023.