1ST Years Address: Welcome to the University of Nairobi

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has welcomed first years to the 2021/2022 Academic year.  The registration process started on Monday 20th September, 2021 after which the Orientation process started.  The first years were addressed by the various section heads as well as the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama.

While welcoming the first years, the various chairs of departments gave brief outlines of their departments and what was expected of the students. They also emphasized on the importance of Agricultural courses and their contribution to sustainable development. The students were also taken through the various career options available to them.

In his speech, the security director’s representative cautioned the new students against the various security risks that they might encounter during their stay in campus.  He cautioned then against walking alone in the dark and to always be on the lookout for any suspicious people. He also highlighted oin the perils of drug and alcohol abuse as well as use of rape drugs in clubs and night spots.

The Dean, Prof. John Demesi warmly welcomed the first years and while congratulating them for making it this far. In her address, she gave the first years a brief of what is expected of them in their new environment. She cautioned them against too much indulgence at the expense of their studies. She ended her speech by wising them an amazing time at the faculty.

While addressing the freshmen, the Vice Chancellor congratulated the over 10,000 students for being admitted at the University. He told them that this would be their home for the next 4-5 years depending on their programme. He further assured students that the University will transform the student’s lives, adding “Take advantage of our supportive environment. We are going to expose you to experiential learning and seek to impact on you so that you leave the University as a different person-completely refined and transformed. We will train and repackage you.” He ended by wishing the students the best at their stay in the University.


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