Thursday 28th September,2023, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama addressed over 11,000 first year students in the historic Taifa Hall. He was accompanied by Deans and Associate Deans from the eleven (11) faculties, Chairmen of Departments and Directors.

 The Vice Chancellor, during his address highlighted that, ‘On Monday, 25th September,2023, the University of Nairobi managed to admit 11,583 new students in the 2023/2024 academic year. This represented students in all the 11 faculties including PhDs, Masters, Undergraduate and Diploma students who enrolled for different courses in the university in the different faculties.’

 He added that the office of the dean of students worked closely with all deans from the 11 faculties to ensure first year students accompanied by their parents and guardians got the necessary help they required to complete the admission exercise which was very vigorous, fast and efficient. There was also an orientation week that was conducted to ensure that the new students were well guided as well as knowing what was expected of them while at the university.  

While congratulating the freshmen, the VC said, “The university of Nairobi is the best university in the region having produced great leaders who hold important positions in this country including the current president of the republic of Kenya, Dr. William Samoei Ruto. On behalf of this great institution, I take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome you all and  wish all of you  the  very best as you start your academic journey in this university. May you embrace all the challenges and seize all the opportunities that come your way’’.

Speaking during the address, Prof. Kiama reiterated that the university does not only focus in academics but also in other co-curriculum activities such as sports and music. He urged all the first-year freshmen and women to take up leadership roles such as class representatives as this will give them an opportunity to make connections and learn from one another in future.

He challenged them to embrace freedom of thought and expression as this was not the norm in their lower levels of education. ‘The university of Nairobi will help you to be innovative since as an institution, we focus on research and innovation. May your stay in this institution lead you to a successful and brighter future. You have everyone here ready to guide you from day one as you begin your career journey today. Reach out to them and get all the necessary help that you may need in your stay here.’

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius Ogeng’o during his opening remarks congratulated the freshmen in joining a stellar institution and wished them the very best in their academic journeys.

Watch the VC’s address