UoN Talents Day

The University of Nairobi celebrated its first inaugural talent day which attracted many students and staff who showcased different talents from the different categories namely; music, singing and poetry, ICT and engineering innovation, arts design and fashion show, karate, taekwondo and dance, modeling, catwalk, Mr and Miss Talent day and other categories like bible citation, narrative/spoken word, instrumentals and news presenters.

TANA kitchen renovation

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Gitahi Kiama visited the College on Wednesday March 3, 2021 from 3:00 pm. The purpose of the visit was to check on the progress regarding renovation works at Tana Kitchen so as to enable students use the new  kitchen.  The renovation had been going on for the last one year and 90% of the work had been done. The contractor informed the Vice-Chancellor that the pace of the work had been slowed down by impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

First years training on online learning platforms

The ICT and ODEL team trained first years on how to use and access online learning tools.The first years both undergraduates and postgraduates who reported at the College virtually, were taken through Google suite that entails a number of applications that run on google platform used for training and communication purposes. This includes Email, google meet and google classroom. All new students were required to create and have university student email accounts since its main mode of communication during this period.


The Students Information Handbook has been prepared to guide and facilitate orientation of students at the University of Nairobi. For ease of reference, the handbook has been divided into four key areas.The first part covers History, Setting, University Gorvenance, Campuses and Colleges of the University of Nairobi .


The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences wishes to take this early opportunity to congratulate and welcome all the students who have been selected for the various degree programmes at the premier university, the University of Nairobi. In order to give each one of you time to settle down and adjust to the (new) life with ease, the University of Nairobi has dedicated one week of orientation into the various aspects that would form part of your lifestyle for the period of stay at the university.

Introducing Kenya’s future Honey Producers and Rangeland Ecosystems Managers

Ecosystems exist as complex socio-ecological systems. There is constant intervention by society through management, resource use and pollution. Due to this, ecosystem management and conservation is key to Biodiversity conservation.

As the world’s most important group of pollinators, bees are a crucial part of agricultural production and natural ecosystem function. They contribute immensely to food security through pollination services; provide mankind with hive products of many economic benefits.

We are all set - Vet first years attend their first Anatomy lecture session

After the orientation exercise, all was set for learning. The first-year veterinary medicine students started off with an introduction to veterinary medicine course that serves to build their foundation into the sophisticated world of veterinary medicine.

Enclosures – A Positive Land Management Tool For Food Security Or A Driver Of Tenure Conflicts?

Pastoralists rely on livestock for their livelihood and pastoralist communities are widespread in the arid- and semiarid regions of Africa. In fact, 70 % of East Africa’s livestock population resides in Kenya. The harsh conditions of the drylands with severe droughts, erratic rainfall and land degradation make it difficult to sustain on conventional agriculture or other activities. As a consequence, food security in the drylands record the lowest indices compared to other areas in Eastern Africa.